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I learnt piano at Coronation Music School in the late 1980s. It was a fantastic learning experience which I fondly remember till date. Now, as a mother of two, I’m sending my two kids back to Coronation Music School to learn and gain as much knowledge from their highly qualified music teachers. I’m glad that after all these years, they have maintained their high standards and not to mention, teachers being so motivational and patient.
— Kymm
My children have been learning piano and violin at Coronation Music School, and they really enjoy their lessons! The teachers are highly qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic. They are an inspiration to the kids. My elder child did well for her recent piano exam. And my younger child, who’s only 3 years old, is making good progress in her learning.

— Mrs SM Ho
I chanced upon Coronation Music School a few months back and I’m very glad that I did. As an adult beginner, I thought I may have been silly to pick up the cello but my supposedly ‘silly’ journey was instead very much an enjoyable and pleasant one. This is all thanks to the focused and well structured lessons here at Coronation Music School, and to my teacher, Ryan, whom have been very encouraging, kind, and an inspiration. With their friendly and dedicated teachers, I will definitely recommend Coronation Music School to anyone who wishes to pick up an instrument!
— Tan Melissa
I started singing classes at Coronation a few months ago with feelings of uneasiness and uncertainty as I had not learned to sing in school. I wish to thank my teacher Daniel, for his great knowledge and ability to impart his singing techniques and skill to each student and to me. His passion and dedication to singing is an encouragement to me especially, and his ability to tailor his instructions to suit each student. I am also grateful for the kindness of the school staff and look forward to each lesson to practice and learn something new. The lessons have made singing a joy, especially the singing of hymns.
— Mdm Seet