The teachers at Coronation Music School are patient with their students and passionate about their craft. On top of teaching, some of the teachers continue to hone their craft performing professionally outside the classroom.

Thanks to their coaching, our boy enjoys playing the piano daily and attained distinctions for the last two grading examination.
— Mr Tan
My daughter started violin lessons with Ms Christina Zhou in the year 2015. Ms Zhou’s innovative teaching methods and patience enabled my child to improve her techniques and make encouraging progress. She enjoys the weekly lessons and the fun periodic group classes.
In addition, she started vocal lessons with Mr Daniel Fong in December 2016. The lessons encompass a range of comprehensive techniques like body posture, facial movement and music vowels. This provided her with a deeper appreciation of music, improved her vocal singing and beyond that helped her oral skills in school.
— Mrs Tan
My two boys started learning piano at Coronation Music School in 2015 when they were 9 and 11. It was for them to appreciate music and pick up an instrument they enjoy. Though they started late, they were able to play the piano independently within a few months through the guidance of the teachers. The teachers were patient, caring and accommodative to our request to change schedule when the boys could not make it due to school activities. I am glad my boys picked up piano and able to play well now.
— Mrs Lee
Both my girls, Nichol and Megan, have been attending music classes at Coronation Music School for many years. CMS has excellent, truly dedicated and highly talented music Teachers who genuinely want the students to have a positive learning experience. Teacher Gerald and Teacher Christina are two such wonderful Teachers who possess this amazing knack of imparting to their students the qualities of music appreciation as well as the joy of learning. Being great musicians themselves, they are able to share their gifts of music with my girls. Teacher Gerald and Teacher Christina are very patient and encouraging, making sure that their lessons are enjoyable. Both have been very accommodating if my girls have to rearrange their classes due to school commitments. CMS organises mini recitals which allow the students to showcase their talents, at the same time build their confidence for public performances. From time to time, the school also conducts music workshops for the students. As a parent, I truly appreciate the efforts of the school as well as the dedication of the teachers.
— Mrs Tan Jee Looi, Parent of Nichol Tan and Megan Tan
My children have been attending violin lessons at Coronation Music School for the past five years. They enjoy their lessons and always look forward to their lessons. The dedicated, friendly and encouraging teachers are doing a great job in instilling the interest in music in my children. The school also conducts many workshops by reputable musicians for the children. My children have benefited from these workshops. Lastly, we always appreciate the numerous performances put up by their teachers at the Esplanade and SOTA as my children can learn how to stage an actual performance from their teachers. I am very pleased that my children attend their violin lessons at Coronation Music School as I know that they are in good hands!
— Mrs Yong

Got to know of Coronation Music School as I was brought up in Watten Estate. Naturally when my daughter need to take up music lessons, Coronation Music School was the obvious choice. My girl is an extremely challenging student. Nonetheless her plea to end all music lessons was finally heeded by myself but under one condition - that she scores distinction for Grade 3 Piano ABRSM exams (both practical and theory). This she did. Surprised all of us, especially the teachers.

That’s me as a parent.

Now this is me as a student.

Sending my child for lessons also meant I had no choice but to wander around for 45 mins until her lessons end. What a chore! I then decided to pick up guitar lessons for fun from Mr Chow. This I did for a short period of 1.5 years? The thing is not how long I had lessons for but what happened after the lessons. My daughter picked up the instrument and she now has her own guitar. I also introduced Mr Chow to one of my most delinquent student (I work in a school and had to deal with extreme discipline students). This boy is still taking lessons and I intend to sponsor him until he finishes his Grade 8 Trinity so as to give him a head start in life if all else fails. I have moved on to another education institute and this boy have graduated from my previous school.. But he is still taking his guitar lessons diligently under Mr Chow and I am still paying for his fees.

The music school is not just another school. I shared this boy’s predicament with the staff at the music school and they all assisted in helping this boy - constant reminder to do good, to go on the correct path, to encourage him to use music as a platform to vet his frustration, to express himself, and more importantly to learn a life skill that will help him get employed. I stopped meeting this boy but I do get updates from Mr Chow and have been paying for his fees diligently.

Every school is a good school, every child is a learner, and every teacher is caring. These phrases are coined by Mr Heng Swee Keat, then Minister of Education. And he is not only speaking of just me it also applies to Coronation Music School. Kudos to all teachers there!

— Jen

I started with Coronation Music School in 1989. This is the school that I finally experienced having the guidance and mentoring from professional and dedicated music educators. My previous experience with two music teachers was truly disappointing.
When I got married and had children, I was looking for a violin teacher for my son. I found a teacher from a music school. We were both excited. To my greatest horror, history seemed to repeat itself before my eyes. This teacher was often late and worse of all she did not seem to show much responsibility in her profession. So a 30 minutes lesson often ended up as 20 minutes. I decided to withdraw my son from the school. I was thinking of enrolling him in a more established and reputable music school. However, I remember interviewing for a job and even working in one of them for a short period of time. The teachers did not seem to be as experienced or professional as marketed to the public. So I decided not to look for those big schools.

Then I remember my wonderful experience in Coronation Music School. It may not look as grand as those big and established ones, but it was the school that gave me hope in music once again. In 2011, I decided to enroll my son, Gideon, who was four at that time for his violin lesson. Gideon had his lesson with Ms Christina. She was an inspiration to him. I am very pleased that Gideon enjoyed every lesson with Ms Christina. She made learning violin fun. Ms Christina is a positive and always encouraging teacher. Gideon enjoyed attending her violin concerts. Ms Christina would also organize violin recital among her students to give them an opportunity to perform in front of an audience.

I have noticed that it is not just Ms Christina. The other teachers in Coronation Music School are also as dedicated, friendly and responsible in their profession. I would often observe how these teachers communicate with the parents and students at the reception. Their professionalism and passion in music are contagious! These teachers would also have a chat with me even though my son is not their students.

I will highly recommend Coronation Music School to anyone who desires a dedicated, committed and inspirational music teacher! Thank you, Coronation Music School for your team of committed teachers!

— Ruth