School Concerts

Learning music promotes craftsmanship and through performances, the learning process becomes invaluable. The school concerts serve as a platform to motivate students to work towards a goal (i.e. perform to their own expectations during the concerts).

Selected students get to perform in our concert series that is held throughout the year!

Our teachers serve as role models and participate in the fun by performing in these concerts too. Their performances inspire our students to strive and do their best.

The performers play together in a duet or in an ensemble setting. Further, family members who play music instrument(s) get to perform together with them!

The concert was wonderful. The things I enjoyed most and were most inspiring were the teachers’ playing, the variety of instruments used as well as a good chance for the children to enhance their confidence.
— Mrs Goh
Kudos to the school and Teachers for organising such a large scale concert! The venue was great!
— Mrs Ho
We love Coronation Music School! :)

Thank you all for taking so much effort to organize the annual recitals. It’s such a joy to see so many performers showcase what they have been practicing, the wide age range and levels of playing provide opportunities for the rest to learn from. And the teacher items are always inspiring to watch!

CMS is expanding and we are very excited to see you grow from strength to strength! :)
— Angeline